I was born in Modesto, CA, in 1982 and raised in Ceres. I attended Carroll Fowler Elementary School, Mae Hensley Junior High School, and Ceres High School. The vast majority of residences I've had were within the boundaries of what is known as Calfornia State Assembly District 21, which includes all of Merced County and parts of Stanislaus County. By trade, I am a sign-maker at Safe-T-Lite, in Modesto, and I am also a musician with a love for community and family.

Growing up, my father was active in local politics in Ceres, and both of my parents openly discussed their voting habits and beliefs, which were not subject to hard party-line rules. I have been aware of politics for the majority of my life, and through my parents' actions and discussion, I have been able to understand and appreciate differing ideologies. Thus, it was easy for me to abandon the idea of a two-party system. For a time, I was registered with the Green Party, in search of a political organization that would best represent my views.

I admit, in my young adult years, I was not as active in politics - and I even neglected my voting rights for a period of time. As our society has become more divided, however, I have felt compelled to contribute to causes in which I believe and foster political engagement in those around me. My values and core beliefs, particularly as they relate to personal freedom, were naturally in line with Libertarian philosophies, and I openly embraced the party upon discovering it. I was recruited as an organizer, stepped up to the challenge of being a party leader, and am now a candidate to represent my district in the California State Assembly.

I believe in personal freedom, that every person has a right to make their own choices regarding their life and body. I believe in the constitution, and I recognize that we live in a republic, not a democracy. I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion. I believe in an armed citizenship. I believe consenting adults have the right to engage in whichever mutually agreeable activities they may choose. I believe the government should have limits and that it has expanded beyond comfortable limits. I believe that it should not be the prerogative of government officials to continually pay themselves more, on the backs of hardworking citizens, while creating and imposing ever-more rules for us to follow - rules for which they, as lawmakers, do not even hold themselves to appropriately.

If you believe in these values and the growth of our community and freedom, I encourage you to vote for me for State Assembly District 21 representative on November 6th. Together, we can make a difference and enjoy the freedoms to which each individual is entitled.

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Thank you!
Justin Quigley
Chair, Libertarian Party of Stanislaus County
Candidate for State Assembly, District 21